Pushing The Pen is the brainchild of Scott C. Brown, who had his first taste of film at the tender age of seven on ‘Cooking with Chef Horst Mager’. He went on to act in hundreds of films, shows, live performance and events. Over time his interest in being in front of the camera faded and he removed himself from acting and modeling. 

Original ManuscriptNow, outside of interviews, and the occasional hosting of The Max It Show, instead he turned towards the production and writing side of the film industry. Building connections throughout his career, people began asking if he could put together projects for them, leveraging his strength in attaching cast, crew, finding locations, and bring about viability for projects.

Over a period of several years, while actively pursuing his successful writing career as a journalist and screenwriter, Scott expanded into producing a variety of projects. A passion for writing and love of producing continued until it became his point of focus. This went so far as to fade out a variety of other enterprises he was involved in outside of the film industry or book adaptations.

These dramatic steps included closing his tri-state newspaper, several other publications and a printing business in Arizona, California and Nevada. He also closed his consulting company in Oregon and relocating to Orange County, CA. for easy access to the expanding list of meetings that were being requested in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Upon moving to Orange County, Scott met Jonathan Cocco, who was already successful in his own rights, and just like Scott, started in the industry as an actor. Finding they had common interests and goals for the industry, Jonathan agreed to join the company and has since helped expand both the production side of the business, as well as growing their writing marketshare with a variety of released projects.

With a long list of features written, many sold, some produced and in various phases of production, Scott has worked with Bestsellers, award winning writers and mentored many professionals. He also works with up and coming writers as a way to give back to the community and industry. Since he stopped ghostwriting in 2010, he has sold or optioned 32 screenplays.

Jonathan has a long list of projects as a writer and expanded his director title to include an extensive series of projects for social media stars, as well as traditional talent.

Combining their skill set, with both writing, Scott producing and Jonathan directing, they’ve continued to aggressively write and produce quality projects through Pushing The Pen. They’re currently producing a slate of 150 features, series and film related projects for The Indie Vision Project, which is in various stages of development, production and release.